ARTICLE – What happened to quantum supremacy? Quantum computing needs a new success metric.
CEO Joseph Emerson Featured in ZDNET Special Feature: The CIO'S Guide to Quantum Computing
November 2, 2020
EVENT: CEO Joseph Emerson at Inside Quantum Technology Europe
Panel: Joseph Emerson explains how Quantum Benchmark's solutions are enabling enterprise users to accelerate towards quantum advantage for their business applications.
October 27, 2020
Quantum Benchmark joins Quantum Industry Canada as a founding member
Industry Association will accelerate the commercialization of Canada’s quantum sector - a $142.4B opportunity for Canadians.
October 6, 2020
NEWS: Quantum Benchmark is at the leading edge of the quantum revolution
Waterloo EDC
June 17, 2019
EVENT – International Quantum Computing Business Conference
Paris, France
June 14, 2019
ARTICLE – The Constancy of Errors: Quantum Benchmark’s Shortcut to Supremacy
FEATURED – Meet the Waterloo startup that’s partnering with Google and IBM…
July 24, 2018
NEWS – Canadian startup teams up with Google to advance quantum computing
IT World Canada
July 27, 2018
NEWS – Quantum Benchmark integrating software into Google’s quantum computing framework
BetaKit: Canadian Startup News & Tech Innovation
July 23, 2018
NEWS – Quantum Benchmark to integrate with Google’s quantum platform
July 23, 2018
NEWS – Kitchener startup claims quantum computing breakthrough
Waterloo Region Record
July 21, 2018
FEATURED – Google announces Cirq, an open source framework for NISQ algorithms
Google AI Blog
July 18, 2018
NEWS – Canadian start-up announces collaboration with Cirq, Google’s quantum computing platform
Globe and Mail
July 19, 2018
VIDEO – True-Q™ software tools: Integration with Google’s quantum computing platform, Cirq
VIDEO - YouTube
July 19, 2018
NEWS – Google’s new CIRQ project aims to make quantum computers actually useful
July 20, 2018
NEWS – Google wants to make programming quantum computers easier
MIT Technology Review
July 18, 2018
FEATURED – Quantum Benchmark integrates True-Q™ software with Google’s new Cirq quantum framework
Collaboration highlights company's...
July 18, 2018
NEWS – Quantum startup launches True-Q™ software system
Institute for Quantum Computing
July 16, 2018
PRESS RELEASE – Canadian Company Correcting Critical Problem in Quantum Computing
Leading researchers highlight how Quantum Benchmark's solutions increase reach of...
July 16, 2018
NEWS – IBM Adds Startups to Q Network
EE Times
April 5, 2018
NEWS – Quantum Benchmark Joins IBM’s Industry-Leading Q Network
April 6, 2018
NEWS – IBM Collaborating With Top Startups to Advance Quantum Computing
Next Big Future
April 5, 2018
IBM Gathers Startups Into its Quantum Computing Fold
April 5, 2018
NEWS – IBM is Doing Something With Quantum Computing That’s Never Been Done Before
April 5, 2018
NEWS – Quantum Benchmark Joins IBM’s Quantum Computing Program
Betakit: Canadian Startup News
April 5, 2018
FEATURED – IBM Collaborating With Top Startups to Accelerate Quantum Computing - Quantum Benchmark Inc. recognized by IBM and IBM Research as a top quantum computing software startup.
April 5, 2018
ARTICLE – “Quantum ‘Hack’ to Unleash Computing Power”
February 1, 2018
ARTICLE – Ultra High Error Threshold for Surface Codes with Biased Noise
Physical Review Letters
February 3, 2018
EVENT – Quantum Benchmark Founder and CEO, Co-founder and Chief Architect, and Senior Scientist were invited to give talks on error characterization at #apsmarch
APS March Meeting, 2018
March 23, 2018
VIDEO – Quantum Benchmark Founder and CEO, Joseph Emerson, discusses the impact of quantum computing
Waterloo Innovation Summit 2018
April 4, 2018