Quantum Benchmark's True-QTM is a suite of software products targeted at makers and users of quantum computers, across all quantum computing hardware architectures.

True-QTM Design

Targeted at makers of quantum computing hardware, True-QTM Design is a scalable solution for optimizing hardware design and quantum computing performance. True-QTM Design capabilities include:

  • Randomized Benchmarking: accurate and precise error characterization of elementary quantum gates
  • Cycle Benchmarking: scalable error characterization of arbitrary parallelized gate cycle and universal (polynomial-depth) quantum circuits
  • Scalable Error Reconstruction: detailed error reconstruction across the quantum processor to find error correlations and optimize hardware design and performance of quantum error correcting codes
  • Randomized Compiling: efficient run-time error suppression for arbitrary applications
  • Quantum Capacity: high-precision performance validation for arbitrary applications

True-QTM Validation

Is your cloud quantum computing provider giving you the tools you need to validate their quantum computer’s output, for your application, on their error-prone hardware?

For users of quantum hardware, True-QTM Validation provides industry-leading, third-party certification of quantum hardware performance.  The True-QTM Validation software system accurately validates the Quantum Capacity of any quantum hardware platform to execute any quantum circuit for any user-supplied problem or application.

Our Quantum Capacity algorithm provides transparency for users by removing the need for blind trust in hardware performance in the regime where the output of quantum hardware can no longer be validated by conventional computing.

True-QTM Validation also enables current and potential users of quantum computing to find the optimal fit between their application of interest, the best method of implementing that application as a quantum circuit, and the variable capabilities of different hardware platforms.

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