Products and Services

For technical details and capabilities of True-QTM, refer to our documentation here.

True-QTM Design – for QC Makers

  • Speed up your hardware design cycle and optimize your pulse engineering with fast, efficient and comprehensive error reconstruction routines that quickly identify all performance-limiting errors.
  • Automate and optimize the tune-up and calibration process for elementary gates and gate cycles with a family of fast and efficient randomized benchmarking and cycle benchmarking tools.
  • Compress and synthesize arbitrary quantum circuits to any specified gate sets with the True-QTM compiler.

“Before using True-QTM, we simply lacked the tools for verifying that we are on the right track towards scalable quantum computing.”

Dr. Thomas Monz, CEO and Chief Scientist, Alpine Quantum Technologies.

True-QTM Accelerate – for QC Users

  • Expand your capabilities and streamline your quantum computing experience with the True-QTM API & SDK – a user-friendly interface to all quantum computing backends.
  • Let the True-QTM transpiler automatically synthesize your circuits into any platform’s native gates.
  • Achieve optimal circuit performance on unreliable and error-prone hardware through the True-QTM compiler’s native error suppression, global error aware qubit allocation & synthesis, and readout correction.
  • Gain confidence in quantum computing solutions through the True-QTM certification tools that validate the accuracy of the hardware execution.
  • Accelerate towards quantum advantage with expert support and consulting services from the Quantum Benchmark team.

“The randomized compiling method from Quantum Benchmark is an extremely helpful technique for suppressing residual calibration errors. I couldn’t imagine building a quantum computer without it.”

Dr. John Martinis, Chief Scientist of Quantum Hardware and leader of Google’s Quantum AI Lab.

Quantum Benchmark Consulting Services – for all QC stakeholders

  • Understand and explore the true opportunities and challenges of the quantum computing revolution.
  • Ask about our unique expertise in assessing hardware platforms, our cross-platform benchmark comparisons, and assessment of each platform’s roadmap towards quantum advantage.

“Quantum Benchmark’s True-QTM software system and the Quantum Benchmark support team have provided us with novel insights into the performance of our quantum gate operations. We look forward to continuing to work with them to develop a deep understanding of our processors as we scale.”

Dr. Julian Kelly, Quantum Research Scientist at Google’s Quantum AI Lab.

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