Our Technology

The capacity of a quantum computer to perform meaningful computations is not just determined by the number of qubits, but by the quality of those qubits.  Harnessing the power of quantum computing requires overcoming errors and other imperfections that are inevitable in all quantum computing hardware architectures.

Our proprietary technology is based on years of research by several of the world’s leading experts in quantum computing. Our solutions are essential for both makers and users of quantum computers.

Performance Validation

For users and makers of quantum computers, our software measures, optimizes, and validates the capacity of any quantum hardware platform to perform any user-supplied algorithm to any user-specified precision.

Error Mitigation

We provide software for scalable run-time error suppression under any user-supplied quantum algorithm, leading to dramatically improved hardware performance.

Error Characterization

Our software solutions characterize the type and rate of errors for both gates and scalable circuits over a full quantum processor. This enables hardware makers to better understand the noise present in their systems, make informed decisions that improve error characteristics, and target error-correcting strategies that are optimal for their device.